Study: Organic farming reduces nitrogen pollution

Organic farming is better for our planet. New research shows that organic farming can reduce nitrogen pollution, creating healthier soil and air.  “Organic farming releases 64% less new reactive nitrogen into the environment than conventional farming, the study found, meaning that more benign, non-polluting nitrogen remains in the soil and the atmosphere.”


One salt crystal at a time

KANSAS CITY — Crystal by crystal, gram by gram, taste test by taste test, food and beverage manufacturers gradually are making progress in reducing sodium in their products. The Food and Drug Administration recommends gradual reductions as well. The agency in the June 2 issue of the Federal Register issued draft guidance for voluntary sodium


Salt Reduction

Sodium intake is on the minds of lawmakers, so it should be on yours too. New York City and authorities in nearly 100 other municipalities and states have embraced the National Sodium Reduction Initiative (NSRI). These regulators see salt contributing to heart disease and are concerned that Americans consume too much of it. Last October,